Bachelor of Art Program in

Creative Product

Bachelor of Art Program in Creative Product

The Creative Product Development program is designed to produce entrepreneurs in the field of product manufacturing, product strategy planners, and product designers in the areas of packaging, furniture, and home decoration. The program emphasizes a creative approach to learning through practical experience with experienced faculty, professional designers, and leading industry experts. The curriculum is designed to align with Industry 4.0 policies, focusing on the commercial application of innovations in product design.

Curriculum structure

  • Freshmen: Training design skills to enable students to engage in basic product design and marketing material design.
  • Sophomore: Students can design products with market-competitive potential by practicing teamwork with leading designers and entrepreneurs from top organizations.
  • Junior: Students can design products that can be manufactured in an industrial system or create prototypes through digital technology. This is achieved by practicing project work based on individual interests and developing leadership skills in project management with the guidance of top designers and entrepreneurs from leading organizations.
  • Senior: Providing students with real-world work experience in the industry through cooperative education courses, with close guidance from entrepreneurs. This enables them to think creatively, develop innovations, and address long-term challenges for both organizations and society.

Career Opportunities

  • Creative product entrepreneur
  • Creative product strategist
  • Creative product designer
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